International trial matches

Wales Stripes v Wales Whites 4-2 (International trial: February 15, 1904)

February 15, 1904
Match: International trial, at The Racecourse (Wrexham).
Stripes – Whites 4-2 (2-2).
Referee: Mr. Ll. Williams (Holywell).
Stripes (2-3-5): Bob Evans (Blackburn Rovers), Albert Jones (Nottingham Forest), Horace Blew (Wrexham), George Richards (Shrewsbury), Lloyd Davies (Stoke), Thomas Davies (Druids), Arthur Davies (Druids), Thomas Daniel Jones (Aberdare), R. Evans (Druids), Llewellyn Griffiths (Wrexham), William Davies (Wrexham).
Whites (2-3-5): Dick Roose (Stoke), Sam Meredith (Stoke), Nash (Treharris), Arridge (Bangor), Robert Morris (Shrewsbury), M. Morris (Shrewsbury), Billy Meredith (Manchester City), Walter Watkins (Aston Villa), Lloyd Edwards (Liverpool Leek), J. Jones (Crewe), W. Jones (Druids).
The goals: 1-0 Evans, 2-0 Griffiths, 2-1 J. Jones, 2-2 Edwards, 3-2 T.D. Jones, 4-2 T.D. Jones.


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