Ex-Liverpool players in veteran benefit match at Roker Park

April 29, 1904
For the benefit match at Roker Park to-morrow between the veteran representatives of Sunderland and Newcastle United two very strong teams have been got together by Mr. Mackie (Sunderland) and Mr. Dan Kennedy (Newcastle). The following names will awaken pleasant memories amongst the older supporters of football: –

Sunderland: Goal, Kirtley; backs, Peter Ford and Oliver; half backs, Hughie Wilson, John Auld, and Richardson; forwards, Gillespie or Jamie Hannah and Jacky Harvey (right wing), Jamie Miller (centre), Davie Hannah and Jock Scott (left wing).

Newcastle: Goal, W. Jardine (Rendel); backs, Jack Taylor and Harry Jeffrey (West End), half backs, Bobby Crelly (East End), James Stott (United), and Bob McDermott (United); forwards, Jack Barker and Donald McColl (West End), Tom Nicholson (West End), Billy Thompson (East End), and Joe Wallace (United).

It is hoped that the weather will prove favourable and that a large crowd will turn out to see these once well-known players disporting themselves in the sacred cause of charity.

The kick off is timed for 2.30.
(Source: Sunderland Daily Echo: April 29, 1904)

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