Portsmouth manager Robert Blyth resigns

May 11, 1904
The announcement that Mr. Robert Blyth had resigned the managership of  the Portsmouth Football Club was made yesterday, and created quite a sensation in local sporting circles. Blyth joined Portsmouth from Preston North End upon the formation of the Club, and his conscientious work soon made him a big favourite.

Three years ago he was chosen to succeed Mr. Frank Brettell as the Club manager, and much of the success of the organisation has been due to him. Upon his suspension in connection with the Liverpool players, Sam Raybould, William Goldie, and John Glover, last April, Blyth became landlord of the Pompey Hotel, which adjoins Fratton Park, and now finds that the responsibilities of both positions are too heavy. Consequently at a meeting of the Club Directors on Tuesday evening Blyth tendered his resignation, which was accepted with regret.

In recognition of his services it was decided to apply to the Football Association for permission to give him a benefit match, and in probability the first home Western League match of the season will be allotted him. Mr. Blyth was captain of the Dundee Carolina Port team.
(Evening Telegraph: May 12, 1904)

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