Everton F.C.: The annual meeting of 1904

June 7, 1904
The annual meeting of the Everton Football Club was held last night at the Exchange Station Hotel. Dr James Baxter (chairman of directors) presiding. The Chairman in proposing that he report and balance sheet, he adopted, said the doings of the club during the past season might be described as being very satisfactory from every point of view.

To finish up the League tournament with third place, to win the Lancashire Combination Championship, to again annex the Liverpool Cup, besides having a balance of profit of £1,800 on the season’s working, might be considered no mean achievement.

The only blot was their early dismissal from the English Cup Competition, which he considered was due to the phenomenally adverse weather conditions, and as some excuse one might instance that the Tottenham Hotspur inflicted defeat on the Aston Villa team at Birmingham-a testimony to the prowess of their opponents.

They had been able to re-engage all the players they wished to retain for next season, with the exception of Sam Wolstenhome, and Charles O’Hagan. The former had gone to Blackburn Rovers, from whom they received a very substantial consideration, and the latter player had migrated to Tottenham Hotspur. They had also engaged two new forwards- Thorburn, who played centre-forward for Queen’s Park last season, and Caldwell, an inside forward, who hails from Blantyre-Victoria.

The teams for next season were complete except for the probable additions of a class half-back. The question of allowing clubs to give a bonus for winning matches was brought up at the annual meeting of the football Association, and was defeated. The Everton directors were in favour of it, as they were convinced that many clubs had given their players inducements to win matches, and this had been a great disadvantage to those clubs who had kept the rule.

He should like to call their attention to the fact that the item marked mortgage on the balance sheet was gradually disappearing. What was £7,500 now stood at £3,300, and the directors had given notice to pay of £1,600 more on the 1st January 1903- (hear, hear)-and he thought he might promise them that, if they were blessed with any good fortune in the coming season, by the end of it they would have the ground free of debt. (hear. Hear).

During next season four of their players (Kitchen, Abbott, Sharp, and Settle) had been granted their benefits-which benefits would take the form of two league matches- the proceeds of which would be equally divided. It was proposed that the shareholders of the club should on these occasions pay 1s as entrance fee. (hear, hear). Mr. George Mahon seconded the motion, which was adopted, and a divided at the rate of 3 per cent was declared.

There was four vacancies on the directorate, the retiring members being Dr James Baxter, Dr William Whitford, Mr. B. Kelly, and Mr. Arthur Coates. These gentlemen were re-nominated, and Mr. Alfred Riley Wade was also proposed. The voting resulted in the election of Messrs Kelly, Baxter, Wade, and Whitford, the votes recorded being: Kelly, 181, Baxter, 180, Wade 183, and Whitford, 117.

A shareholder suggested that in future home training should be resorted to in preference to special training, but by a large majority the meeting expressed the opinion that the matter should be left to the directors.

Mr. William Cuff (Secretary) announced that the following players had been engaged for next season:-
Goalkeepers: George Kitchen, Jack Whitley and F.W. Dent.
Full-backs: William Balmer, Robert Balmer, Jack Crelly, and William Wildman.
Half-back: Walter Abbott, Tom Booth, R. Clayton, Thomas Chadwick, Pat Hanlin, and Harry Makepeace.
Forwards: Tommy Caldwell, Tommy Dilly, Harold Hardman, W.R. McAdam, Tommy McDermott, Bruce Rankin, Roberts, Ben Rickerby, Jack Sharp, Jimmy Settle, Jimmy Sheridan, Jack Taylor, Harry Thornburn, and Alex “Sandy” Young, forwards.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: June 8, 1904)


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