Tom Watson in Sunderland to secure Ned Doig

July 1, 1904
Mr. Tom Watson, the secretary of the Liverpool Club, visited Sunderland to-day, the object of his visit being to arrange for the transfer of Ned Doig to Liverpool. He had an interview with Mr. Sinclair Todd and Mr. A. Mackie, the chairman and secretary respectively of the Sunderland Club, and terms for the transfer were agreed upon, but Mr. Watson requires the confirmation of his directors before closing with the offer. This has been telegraphed for, and there is no doubt that so far as the officials are concerned the transfer will be arranged.

It is not usual to disclose the amount fixed for a transference, and no exception is being made in this instance. Mr. Watson has arranged an interview with Doig for this afternoon, and should the custodian agree to make the change from Sunderland to Liverpool he will be signed on at once.

Since his refusal to re-sign for Sunderland Doig has not been receipt of any wages, but immediately he fixes up with Liverpool – or any other club – his pay will commence. Should Doig attach himself to the Mersey Club he will have a season of Second Division football to go through, which will be a new experience for him. It will also preclude his visiting Roker Park ground on “League-al” business. The Liverpool officials, however, are hopeful to be back again into the senior ranks by another season.

It is interesting to add that fourteen years ago Mr. Watson signed on Doig for the Wearsiders, and should he do so for Liverpool the two together will form an experience unique in the annuals of football.

A sketch of Doig.
John Edward Doig has been fourteen seasons with the Wearside Club, and was the sole remnant of the team of all the talents, if we except James Millar, who only occasionally figures in the League eleven. During the long period he has not a little to do towards building up Sunderland’s fine records in the League. He will always rank as one of the best custodians in the history of the club, if not the League, and his record of service and cleverness in goal has not been exceeded by any other player.

Ned Doig 1904 II

Teddy was born at Arbroath, in Forfarshire, and is now 35 years of age. He is 5ft 9 ½in. in height, and usually weighs two or three pounds under the twelve stone. He began his football career about twenty years ago, his first club being the St. Helena in Arbroath. Then he joined the Arbroath second team, and later the senior eleven. At the end of his fourth season Doig was induced to go to Blackburn. He played once only for the Rovers, and that was against Notts County. He then returned home, and on the invitation of Sunderland stepped into Bill Kirtley’s shoes. This was in September 1890.

Since coming to Wearside Doig, in addition to his League Championship medals, of which there are four, has on four occasions taken part in the England v. Scotland match. In 1896 he kept goal for his country against England, again in 1899, in 1902, and also last April. On October 8th, 1898, the club granted him a benefit, the match being against West Bromwich Albion at Roker Park. The benefit was a great success, Doig clearing about £250 from it, this being pretty nearly a record for a player.

Doig has been remarkably regular in his attendances, rarely missing an engagement. Owing to differences which have already appeared in our columns, he was not re-signed at the close of last season.
(Sunderland Daily Echo: July 1, 1904)


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