Alf West not seriously injured

August 1, 1904
It transpires that the injury to Alf West, the Liverpool and ex-Barnsley footballer who was accidentally shot by his trainer, whilst preparing for the Caledonian Handicap, at Lytham, on Wednesday, is not so serious as was at first thought, and the latest account of the injured footballer is that, with ordinary luck, he will be out in a fortnight.

There appears to have been no foundation for the story originally circulated that two bullets entered West’s body. The accident occurred whilst Norman was loading the revolver with the first ball cartridge used, one having been brought to him as he had no blanks left, and when he was quite unaware of West’s presence so near to him.

The bullet struck the unfortunate player on the right side, striking a rib, and finishing its course near the front part of the chest. No vitals were struck, a clean wound of a more or less superficial character being caused. West’s physical condition was such that his medical attendants at Lytham do not anticipate any difficulty in turning him out fit and well in a very short time.

It is regarded as almost a miracle that West was not very seriously injured.
(Manchester Courier: August 1, 1904)

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