Don McCallum: A fearless and grand tackler

August 10, 1904
Don McCallum, late of the Scottish (1st Division) club Greenock Morton, can play either left or right back. He is a man who, though still making his reputation, is already famous, for he represented the Home Scots in the Anglo-Scots match, thus showing that he was considered one of the finest across the border. He is 23 years of age.

He was born in Argyllshire, and as a lad became identified with the third eleven of the famous amateurs (Queen’s Park), but afterwards he left and joined Liverpool, for whom he played a season or so.

Just as he was beginning to be of some use he re-crossed the Border, and was signed on Greenock Morton, for whom he has ever since played. It was at the Anglo-Scots match that his play attracted certain of the officials of the Sunderland club who were present.

He has in him the making of a magnificent back, being fearless, a grand tackler, and a strong kick. He is, however, a little rash at times, but the necessary polish – and that he ought to quickly acquire with Sunderland – will make him a back quite up to the standard of Sunderland’s defenders. His height is 5ft. 9 ½in. and weight 12st 7lb.
(Sunderland Daily Echo: August 10, 1904)

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