Season preview 1904-05: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 29, 1904
For the third time in the history of the club, Liverpool have to wade through the Second Division, a result directly due to a combination of misfortunes such as few organisations have had to experience. However, the future has to be faced, and the directors intend to leave nothing to chance in their endeavour to regain the premier League again.

Two First Division clubs are an absolute necessity in Liverpool, and the Anfielders mean business this season. With the men at their command, Liverpool should fare excellently, and though the task of reaching the topmost position is becoming increasingly difficult each year, Liverpool should attain this distinction.

Twenty-six players have been engaged, but there are few new faces. The acquisition of Doig is a rare stroke of business, and strengthens a position in the team which has been a somewhat uncertain quantity for some years. Hyslop, a local youth, gives promise of turning out a smart keeper also.

Even in the close season Liverpool were dogged by misfortune, and the unfortunate accident to West will, it is feared, keep thus fine full-back out of harness for a longer period than was at one time anticipated.

Murray, late of Everton, is a sturdy back of the vigorous order, and will doubtless improve on acquaintance. Chorlton is a right half, acquired from Accrington Stanley, and in practice games has shaped creditably. Pratt, late of Dublin Bohemians, has signed an amateur form for the Anfielders, and Evans, another forward, seems a promising outside right, and has played with the Artillery team at Seaforth and the Birkenhead club.

All last season’s players that were required have been retained, and now that Cox has come to terms it is to be hoped we shall see this brilliant player at his best. Several of the reserve players have displayed capital form in the preliminary trials, notably Carlin and Morris, and Liverpool should be able to place a powerful forward line in the field, whilst Raisbeck, who has been chosen captain for the fourth successive year, and his backs will, no doubt, feel more secure with Doig in goal, which will render their work even more effective than heretofore.

The full list of players is as follows: –
Peter Platt, Henry Hyslop, Ned Doig, goal;
Alf West, Billy Dunlop, David Murray, Charlie Wilson, John McAdam,
backs; Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, John Hughes, George Latham, Tom Chorlton, George Fleming, half-backs;
Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Sam Raybould, Joe Hewitt, John Cox, Ellis Dudley, Herbert Pratt, Jack Parkinson, John Carlin, Richard Morris, James Garside, and Charles Evans, forwards.

McAdam was obtained from the Rovers and Garside from Accrington in the latter half of last season, whilst Dudley and Parkinson are local youths, and noted sprinters.

The heights and weights of the new players are subjoined: –
Doig, 5ft. 9in., 12st.;
Hyslop, 5ft. 9in., 11st. 2 lb.;
McAdam, 6ft. 1in.; 12st. 10lb.;
Chorlton, 5ft. 8in., 11st. 2lb.;
Pratt, 5ft. 10½in., 11st. 7lb.;
Garside, 5ft. 8½in., 11st. 7lb.;
Evans, 5ft. 9½, 11st. 2lb.
(Source: Athletic News: August 29, 1904)

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