Do not tamper with John Cox

September 17, 1904
The situation at Anfield is not quite as bracing as we could desire, and though to some extent, the clean sheet which can be shewn as the result of their three decided games, is satisfactory, we cannot but think that there has been a weakness in the team, which could only draw with Chesterfield, following on a similar result with Glossop at home. On the play, both these fixtures should have been won, and by a wide margin; a statement which we aver, even after full consideration of the excellent character of the defences of the two clubs, which have opposed the Anfielders. More goals are wanted, and it is evident that the forward line will require stimulating in certain places. The inclusion of Morris as inside left is an experiment well worth repeating, and it is not advisable to change this combination, until the present arrangement has been found altogether unsuitable. Cox has never had a partner that can force the best out of him since Edgar Chadwick left. We have advocated the claims of Morris, though only as inside left to Cox, but the idea of reversing the placings is curious reading. Give Cox a good partner and he will be as effective as ever on the extreme wing, and though, without doubt, a difficult player to combine with owing to his erratic tendencies, it is a case of experimenting with two positions when he is played at inside left, which is, in our opinion, a totally unnecessary tampering.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 17, 1904)

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