Programme pickles (September 17, 1904)

September 17, 1904
Programme pickles
* The Livers will astonish the world with a record score – one of these days.
* John Cox is showing his best International style.
* Robert Robinson the read is “Bobs” title at Liverpool.
* Sam Raybould is improving the right way.
* Why are the critics all down on the Livers?
* Arthur Goddard is still rather lackadaisical.
* Is it a fact that Cox is ambitious to try down the middle?
* Better stay where you are, Jack. Saturday’s display was grand.
* Shoot, “Dicky,” shot, was often heard. The little Welshman is a rare favourite.
* Frederick Buck has dropped into his old West Bromwich form at Plymouth. He never did anything at Anfield Road, and to the best of my recollection always figured on the losing side.
* Sympathy will be extended to Arthur Goddard by all who frequent Anfield, in his recent bereavement.
* Robinson, the hardy. He was knocked out of time but pluckily came back and is again fit.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Programme: September 24, 1904)

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