Liverpool F.C.: Scheme of revival

October 21, 1904
The annual meeting of the Liverpool Association Football Club was held yesterday. Mr. Edwin Berry, C.C., presided.

Notwithstanding that the team playing for the First Division in the League had come out so badly, the club financially had done well.

The chairman stated that the principal business he had to place before the meeting was their consideration how best to develop and popularise the club.

He said that Mr. William Houlding had decided to sever his connection, so far as it related actively with the club, though it would always have his sympathy and interest. In doing so he (Mr. Houlding) had acted in the most generous spirit towards the shareholders.

It was the intention of the directors, under these circumstances, to endeavour to place the club on an entirely new basis, and in a few days the directors would issue a prospectus to the present shareholders, and the public generally.

In order to effect this change in the management the directors had obtained the assistance of several gentleman to represent the outside public, amongst whom were Messrs. Harry Newton, William Robert Williams, William Coward Briggs, Charles Gibson, &c.

These gentlemen will form a committee to act along with the directors in formulating the new scheme.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: October 22, 1904)

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