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“It can be truly said that those who knew Barney best loved him most. Open-handed and generous to a fault, he was a typical Irishman, possessing many of the best traits with which his countrymen have been endowed. Although the public, or rather that section of it antagonistic for the time being to the side he was representing, dearly loved to badger Barney, yet deep down in their hearts they had an affection for the burly Celt. Never was this better exemplified than when he joined the Dundee club. Prior to then, his very appearance on Carolina Port was the signal for a hostile demonstration, generally tempered by the plaudits of the other side. On these occasions the rabid partisan sat, ever on the pounce, ready to hoot with might and main the irrepressible Battles, if he by any means had the better of a local – which, truth to tell, he generally had. But when it was Barney’s fortune to bear the brunt of the contest the event was invariably signalised by a hurricane of cheers.” (Dundee Evening Post: February 11, 1905)

Born: January 13, 1875: Springburn, Scotland.
Passed away: February 9, 1905: Glasgow, Scotland.

Position: Centre half, also played at full back and other positions in the half-back line.

Height: 180 cm (5ft. 11in.);
Weight: 87 kilos (13st. 10lb.).

Linlithgow Juniors.
Bathgate Rovers: Signed: 1890.
Bathgate Athletic: Signed: q894.
Heart of Midlothian: Signed: September 4  1894.
** Transferred to Liverpool.
Liverpool: Signed: January 3, 1895;
* registered with the Football League: January 4, 1895;
* eligible for Liverpool in official matches: January 11, 1895.
Celtic: Signed: June 6, 1895.
Dundee: Signed: May 11, 1897.
** Transferred to Liverpool for £20.
Liverpool: Signed: March 28, 1898.
* registered with the Football Association: March 13, 1896.
* Liverpool already held his player registration in England.
** Transferred to Celtic.
Celtic: Signed: October 8, 1898.
** Transferred to Kilmarnock.
Kilmarnock: Signed:  June 11, 1904.
* registered with the Scottish League: August 15, 1904.

Scottish League XI ?-?: (v. English League: March 8, 1902)
Glasgow Cup Winner: 1895-96 (Celtic);

Scottish Referee: September 21, 1894.

Evening Telegraph: October 13, 1897.
Barney Battles II

Scottish Referee: April 16, 1900.

The Athletic News: March 10, 1902.
1902 Barney Battles

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