The closure at Anfield

May 1, 1905
Liverpool v Burnley.
Fully 10,000 persons assembled at Anfield to witness the last League match of the season, and Liverpool won by three clear goals after a somewhat lackadaisical contest. Hewitt and Chorlton played for Arthur Goddard and Maurice Parry respectively, whilst Henderson substituted Arthur Dixon at right full back for the visitors.

Liverpool commenced in promising fashion, for in the first minute Cox ran through and centred to Parkinson, who smartly headed into goal. Green, however, brought off a remarkably fine clearance at the expense of a fruitless corner.

After this the play quietened down considerably, and Burnley had quite as much of the game as the Anfielders. Five minutes from the finish of the first half, Parkinson got his head to a capital centre from Hewitt, and opened the scoring.

After the change of ends Liverpool re-commenced without Raybould, who had twisted his ankle, and before the game had been long in progress Fleming collided with an opponent and had to be carried off the field. It transpired that the elbow of a Burnley player had come in contact with Fleming’s nose and the Liverpool half-back was completely dazed by the shock.

With only nine men, Liverpool were more dangerous than when at full strength, and Robinson placed his side further added, whilst Cox ran clean through the Burnley backs and scored a third after a brilliant individual effort.

Cox’s brilliance.
Signs were not wanting throughout the game of the close of the season. Several of the players on both sides showed this clearly. For Liverpool, who deserve congratulations for winning so decisively with their weakened forces. Cox was in great form, and he was altogether too speedy for Henderson. The left winger’s dashing runs and centres were excellent, and the goal he scored was obtained in his best style.

Hewitt also did well on the extreme right, despite the fact that he was none too well plied by his partner Robinson.

Raisbeck in the half-back line, and the full backs, West and Dunlop, were in splendid trim, and here there was no sign of staleness. Doig had several awkward shots to deal with and these were capably negotiated.

The Burnley forwards proved fairly skilful in midfield, and indulged in some smart combined movements, but near goal they were very remiss, and spoiled many chances by indifferent shooting. In the half-back line Barron was often in evidence, and further behind, Moffat did well at full back. Green kept a splendid goal, some of his saves being exceptionally clever.

Liverpool: Ned Doig, Alf West, Billy Dunlop, Tom Chorlton, Alex Raisbeck, George Fleming, Joe Hewitt, Robert Robinson, Jack Parkinson, Sam Raybould, John Cox.
Burnley: Billy Green, Robert Henderson, Hugh Moffat, Fred Barron, David Walders, Joe Taylor, Jack Walders, Jimmy Hogan, Dick Smith, Doug Macfarlane, Andrew Ross.
Referee: J.H. Pearson (Crewe).
(Athletic News: May 1, 1905)

Jack Parkinson, Liverpool F.C.


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