The death of Fred Bubb

May 23, 1905
Great regret is expressed at the death of young Fred Bubb, who did so well in the Liverpool Football Club reserves last season.

It appears he was chosen to play at Blackpool in John Parkinson’s benefit match, and when he arrived there he suddenly became ill. Mr. Tom Watson told him to go straight home, and from that time until last Thursday he was rather unwell. However, on Thursday he duly signed for Liverpool for next season, and even as late as Saturday visited Mr. Watson’s house.

Now, however, comes the news that he died very suddenly on Tuesday, the cause of death being heart failure. He was the only support of his widowed mother, and this makes the occurrence all the more pathetic.

Everyone who had seen Bubb, on or off the field, agreed that he was a gentleman, and that his football ability was marked.
(Liverpool Daily Post: May 25, 1905)

From Liverpool Daily Post: May 25, 1905:
BUBB – May 23, at 35 Walton Lane, Liverpool, aged 21 years, Frederick William, only son of Mary and of the late Frederick Bubb.


It was only last week that Mr. Tom Watson told me he had signed on a prominent local inside right of the Jack Parkinson type named Fred Bubb, yet within a week comes the sad news that death has carried him away, due to the heart’s failure. As Bubb was the only support of his widowed mother, the case is a particularly pathetic one.
(Cricket and Football Field: May 27, 1905)


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