Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1904-05

June 14, 1905
It will be seen from the following statement of income and expenditure of the Liverpool Football Club for the year ended 30th April that there is a balance of profit of £1,511 4s 6d: –

Balance sheet 19041905 IBalance sheet 19041905 II

There has been written off the account for stands, &c., £1,294 13s 1d; and the cash balance in hand in bank amounts to £1,371 16s 3d. The twelfth annual meeting of the club will be held next Wednesday evening.
(Liverpool Daily Post: June 15, 1905)


The Anfielders have every reason to look back upon their season’s experience with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Not only have they won back their position in the First Division of the League, but they had made a profit up to the end of April of £1,511 4s. 6d. In gate receipts the club took £8,468 16s. 3d., the proportion paid to visiting clubs being £924 15s. 2d. In addition, Liverpool received £632 4s. 11d. the part proceeds of matches played, and £106 8s. 6d. for season tickets. As against this they paid their players £3,768 10s. in wages, £492 15s. 2d. in travelling expenses, and £598 10s. 10d. in training expenses and trainers’ wages. With a substantial balance at the bank, and a serviceable team at their disposal, the Liverpudlians may look forward with some confidence to their new lease of life in the First Division.
(Cricket and Football Field: June 17, 1905)


The balance-sheet of the Liverpool Club, issued yesterday, shows that the income of the past year was £10,370, and the expenditure £7,800. After a sum had been written off for depreciation and other liabilities had been met, there was a profit of £1,500.
(Manchester Courier: June 15, 1905)





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