Lancashire Combination referees

June 24, 1905
The result of the voting on the referees for next season was made known on Saturday, the successful officials being:
D. Hammond (Heywood), R. Horrocks (Farworth), T.P. Campbell (Blackburn), David Ashworth (Rawtenstall), Matt McQueen (Liverpool), W. Seddon (Bolton), Thomas Helme (Farnworth), A.H. Hargreaves (Blackpool), J. Sykes (Stockport), J. McGill (Liverpool), J.W. Shuttleworth (Tottington), L.N. Fletcher (Bury), A. Turner (Bury), R. Wild (Bury), T. Lomax (Bolton), H. Churnside (Bolton), J.R. Broughton (Bolton), F.J. Broughton (Pendleton), W. Chadwick (Blackburn), A. Briggs (Blackburn), E. Case (West Kirby), H. Dale (Manchester), R. Eccles (Darwen), J. Foster (Accrington), R.H. Greenall (Openshaw), J.F. Langford (Liverpool), John Kenny (Preston), F. Johnson (Southport), W. Gilgryst (Manchester), H. Pollitt (Manchester), A.F. Sutcliffe (Burnley), J. Stott (Rawtenstall), R. Watson (Accrington), E.J. Whittaker (Accrington), H. Yates (Bolton), J. Smith (Heywood), J.R. Prowse (Manchester), H.H. Taylor (Sale), W. Knowles (Darwen).

The following were placed on the emergency list: –
S.D. Peer (Liverpool), J.W. Oates (Blackburn), R. Rowley (Preston), W. Worthington (Manchester).
(Athletic News: June 26, 1905)


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