Football League meeting (August 4, 1905)

August 4, 1905
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at the Tavistock Hotel, London, on Friday. Mr. John James Bentley, the president, was in the chair. There was a great deal of business to be transacted, and the meeting was a lengthy one.

At the last meeting the president was asked to arrange for the inter-League matches, and he reported that he had arranged a follows: –
March 24th, v. Scottish League, at Chelsea.
October 14th, v. Irish League, at Hyde-road, Manchester.

Hugh May, on the Derby County transfer list at £50 applied for a free transfer. His fee was fixed at £25. Willie Kelly, on the Notts County list, at £75, made a similar application. In his case the amount was fixed at £20. Joe Steadman, on the Burslem Port Vale list at £20, applied for a free transfer. Burslem agreed to give him one if he would find a club to go to. Jack Morris, Bristol City, on the list at £50, applied for a free transfer. The matter was left in the hands of the president.

The case of Joe Ryalls and George Stacey, who wants to leave Sheffield Wednesday for Barnsley, was deferred until the next meeting. Sheffield Wednesday want £50 for the pair.

W. Rowe, on the Preston North End list at £20, applied for a free transfer. Preston agreed to give him a free transfer, and this was confirmed.

A claim was made by Glossop against Clapton Orient with respect to the transfer of John Boden. Glossop asked for £250, but Clapton only offered £100. The price was fixed by the committee at £200.

Preston North End also claimed £250 from Clapton Orient for the transfer of Dickie Bourne. Clapton offered £50. The committee fixed the price at £100. Manchester City came to an agreement with Clapton respecting Billy Holmes, agreeing to take £10. Bury wanted £50 for the transfer of George Lamberton to Clapton Orient, but the committee only granted £25.

Burton United claimed £175 from Leeds City for the transfer of Harry Bromage and J.F. Hargreaves. Leeds offered £100. The committee fixed the price at £140, to be paid in seven days.

The following transfers were confirmed: –
Davey Gordon, from Leith Athletic to Hull City;
J. Wilson, Hearts to Hull City;
Joe Schofield, Manchester United to Stockport;
Alf Ward, Notts County to Aberdeen;
Alf Wood, Blackpool to Burnley;
Sam Farrant, Bristol City to Stockport;
John Macdonald, Blackburn Rovers to Leeds City;
Walter Robinson, Leicester Fosse to Burton United;
Bob Watson, Woolwich Arsenal to Leeds City;
Charles Webb, Leicester Fosse to Dundee;
Thomas Caldwell, Everton to Hamilton Academicals;
Charles Morgan, Liverpool to Leeds City;
Richard Morris, Liverpool to Leeds City;
Richard Ray, Chesterfield to Leeds City;
Alf Wood, Aston Villa to Derby County;
W. Clifford, Newcastle United to Gainsborough Trinity;
Harry Thoburn, Everton to Motherwell;
Jack Reynolds, Grimsby to Sheffield Wednesday;
Sam Robertson, Dundee to Notts County;
Matt Reilly, Dundee to Notts County;
Tony Young, Newcastle United to Kilmarnock;
William Gould, Burton United to Leicester Fosse;
Henry Ashby, Burton United to Leicester Fosse;
Harry Stringfellow, Everton to Leeds City;
Martin Spendiff, Grimsby to Hull City;
George Rushton, Burslem Port Vale to Hull City;
Tom Jones, West Bromwich Albion to Hull City;
James Logan, Queen’s Park to Aston Villa;
Ike Evenson, Leicester Fosse to Clapton Orient;
Willie Maxwell, Sunderland to Bristol City;
Frank Whitehouse, Stoke to Glossop;
Fergus Hunt, Woolwich Arsenal to Burton United;
Jimmy Henderson, Bradford City to Leeds City:
Will Bradshaw, Woolwich Arsenal to Burton United;
Eddie Murphy, Glossop to Bury;
Peter Whyte, Notts County to West Bromwich Albion;
William Raisbeck, Derby County to Falkirk;
Andrew Raisbeck, Liverpool to Hull City;
William Clay, Sheffield United to Leeds City;
Algernon Pynegar, Derby County to Grimsby;
Billy Reynolds, Preston North End to Grimsby;
Fred Parnell, Derby County to Leeds City;
George Spence, Preston North End to Hull City;
Tom Drain, Bradford City to Leeds City.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: August 5, 1905)

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