Season preview 1905-06: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 14, 1905
Liverpool’s return to the First Division fold was a matter for congratulation amongst all followers of football in the city, and it is to be hoped the club has altogether finished with the Second Division. Their promotion to the premier circle paved the way towards the successful reconstruction of the club last May, and influences which have exercised a marked effect in the Anfield organisation since its inception have now completely disappeared.

The old directors have been joined by other good sportsmen, selected by the shareholders, and this should tend towards a strengthening of the management. Thus the club commences, for the first time in its history, as a public concern, and there is no reason why it should not advance and become a permanent and potent factor in the football world.

It is generally admitted that the eleven which won the Second Division League championship was weak in places, and new men are necessary to meet cases of emergency, both in attack and defence. What sufficed for the Second Division will not prove satisfactory now, but, despite the knowledge of this axiom, nothing has been done up to the present to avoid such awkward contingencies arising.

The only new player signed on is Sam Hardy, who last season kept goal for Chesterfield. He stands 5ft. 9in. and weighs 11st. 12lb. Against the Anfielders in the away match last September he played a great game, but in the return fixture six goals were registered against him.

I understand that the directors have some new players under discussion, and that an announcement of their capture may be expected ere the opening game. There is little time for these expectations to materialise, but that the acquisition of new blood is an absolute necessity is indisputable, and it behoves the new management to see this is accomplished at once.

The players at the command of the club are: –
Ned Doig, Sam Hardy, goal; Alf West, Billy Dunlop, David Murray, Charlie Wilson, backs; Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, George Fleming, John Hughes, George Latham, Tom Chorlton, half-backs; Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Sam Raybould, Joe Hewitt, James Garside, Jack Parkinson, John Cox, John Carlin, forwards, and a few locals.

Chorlton, I fancy, will make a better full back than half, and Garside, now that he will be in complete training, should develop into a useful left winger.

Personally, I do not feel very sanguine about Liverpool’s prospects, and trust I may be agreeably surprised by the trend of events. Raybould and Parry will be awarded benefits during the season, details of which will be decided later.

The first public practice game will be played on Saturday next. I may state that Mr. John McKenna has been nominated for a position on the English Council.
(Source: Athletic News, 14-08-1905)

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