Season preview 1905-06: Liverpool F.C. (Liverpool Echo)

August 19, 1905
When, after a tenacious struggle, the Liverpool Club at the close of last season found itself once more in the first League, there were general congratulations. Still further approval was forthcoming when the organisation was reconstructed and launched as a public company. The general confidence of the public in the concern was shown by the hearty and spontaneous manner in which the shares were taken up. With a popularly-elected directorate the club ought to, and no doubt will, find a marked increase of general support. In any event, it will be the wish of all followers of the game that the Anfield Road brigade should go on and prosper.

The plucky way in which they faced adversity when relegated to second class company gained for them the goodwill of thousands of sportsmen, and their nappy issue of what might have been the Slough of Despond in thoroughly well-deserved. Since the election of the new directorate, the chairman of which is Councillor Edwin Berry, himself an old player, various plans for improving the accommodation on the ground have been mooted, and these will be duly considered acted upon.

The need or a better entrance for reserved seatholders has already received attention, and we understand that a special staircase, direct from Oakfield Road, will be constructed before the season opens.

In other respects the ground has been smartened up in anticipation of closely approaching September, and the turf upon which so many exciting contests are destined to be fought is just now in splendid condition.

With regard to the players, the club has managed to retain all the men who did so much to win the Second Division Championship last season. Whether the same performers will be able to successfully combat higher grade opponents without the aid of new blood is a moot point. It is an open secret that several representatives of the club have been in Scotland during the week, and no doubt their mission will terminate in the bringing south of one or two new players. The facts remains, however, that up to the present the only fresh man signed on is Sam Hardy, who last season kept goal for Chesterfield. He is a performer of rare capability, stands 5ft. 9in., and weighs 11st. 12lbs.

The players who did so well last season and who are still enrolled beneath the Liverpool banner are: Ned Doig, Sam Hardy, goal; Alf West, Billy Dunlop, David Murray, Charlie Wilson, backs; Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, George Fleming, James Hughes, George Latham, Tom Chorlton, half-backs; Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Sam Raybould, Joe Hewitt, James Garside, Jack Parkinson, John Cox, John Carlin, forwards. In addition the club has secured the services of several very promising local players. The first practice game to which the public will be admitted takes place this afternoon at four o’clock.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 19, 1905)

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