Liverpool Reserves v Manchester United Reserves 1-0 (League match: September 2, 1905)

September 2, 1905
Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30.
Liverpool Reserves – Manchester United Reserves 1-0 (0-0).
Referee: Mr. Churnside.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Charlie Wilson, David Murray, Robinson, George Latham, James Hughes, Ellis Dudley, Robert Gilbertson, John Carlin, Joe Hewitt, James Garside.
Manchester United (2-3-5): Archie Montgomery, Dick Holden, Vincent Hayes, Dick Duckworth, Jack Allan, Alex Robertson, Alf Schofield, George Lyons, Jimmy Dyer, William Cranna, Harry Williams.
The goal: 1-0 Hughes (pen.).
** Manchester United’s Vincent Hayes broke his leg in the match.

Match report:
* Athletic News: “Liverpool just win”.

Match sheet from match programme, Saturday, September 2, 1905.
1905 LFC Res v MUFC Res match sheet

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