Programme Pickles (September 2, 1905)

September 2, 1905
* Alex Raisbeck has taken off his bellowed moustache, and joined the bare-faced brigade.
* The medals to be presented to the Liverpool players on Tuesday next by the club and by Director John Fare are beautiful specimen of the goldsmith’s art.
* Ned Doig is anxious to show detractors that his left hand has not yet lost its cunning.
* Sam Raybould has cottoned to the inside left position as if it had always been his own.
* The Liverpool forwards are not far short of being the fastest in the League, and four at least are about 10 3-5 sec. men.
* Mr. John McKenna is a fully-fledged English Councillor. More power to him!
* Tom Watson says he can’t play bowls, but he beats more at the game than beat him.
* George Livingston will be the hope of Manchester City’s front line.
* Edgar Chadwick must have his game. He is at Glossop this season, who have dispensed with Archie Goodall as manager.
* Matt McQueen has a high opinion of Sam Hardy. Experience will tell.
* George Fleming is ready and willing, and if he does not go the pace he will get the course.
* Arthur Goddard is more robust, and should therefore play as he did some three years ago.
* Ellis Dudley is a fast young man – on the running track and down the wing.
* Liverpool generally have success with their left wingers, James Garside will be quite ready to take John Cox’s place should anything befall that worthy.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: September 2, 1905)

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