Sketch: Alex Raisbeck (Liverpool Football Club)

September 2, 1905
Ten years have passed since the Liverpool Club fought its way into First League circles, and during this period Alex Raisbeck has commanded his forces with wisdom and energy. A player of amazing vitality and strong personality, he has won many games by his individual efforts.

He probably never had a superior in tackling. His early training was amongst the Scottish cracks, and the highest honours have been his. The last three seasons have been replete with strange vicissitudes for the genial Alex. In 1903 he proudly achieved the championship of the League. But in the following year, after a series of misfortunes, he was at the reverse end of the table, and received his conge from first class company.

Last season Raisbeck entered the matrimonial ranks, and signalised the change by playing at the very top of his form, and it is very largely due to his individual efforts that the Liverpool team has returned to the First Division.
(Liverpool Football Echo: September 2, 1905)

** There is a mistake of the year mentioned in the article. Liverpool and Raisbeck won the League championship in 1901 (season 1900/1901).

1905 Sketch Alex Raisbeck 2 September Football Echo

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