Liverpool fall at Stamford Bridge

September 5, 1905
Liverpool met Chelsea under somewhat disadvantageous terms at Stamford Bridge, last evening, before 10,000 spectators. The Notherners played McGibbons in the place of Parkinson, in view of the latter’s regrettable accident on Saturday. Shalders displaced Robinson at inside right, and Fleming (left half) gave way to Robinson. Otherwise it was the same team that lost points to the Woolwich Arsenal. Liverpool won the toss, and played with the sun at their backs. The Liverpool men set the pace, and Chelsea responded with a fast forward movement, Doig having to ward off a couple of hot shots.

Chelsea kept up the pressure, and the Liverpool defence was being hard put to it when Cox raced down the left and centred for Shalders to shoot feebly. Dunlop stopped an ugly move on the part of the Chelsea forwards, and Goddard improved the Liverpool position.

The Chelsea forwards made the running again, and Moran shot wide close up. Chelsea were having all the best of the match. Shalders and Goddard did some nice things, and transferred play to the Chelsea quarters, McGibbons making a weak attempt at goal.

Liverpool taking a serious view of the position, sent Cox down the left, and McGibbons was pulled up for offside right in the goalmouth. Chelsea attacked, and should have scored. McRoberts over-running the ball when close in. When half-time arrived the score had not been opened.

Liverpool took up the running on the resumption. The attack was not of long duration, for the Chelsea front men secured and dribbled the length of the field, a nice-looking maneuver culminating in a goal by McRoberts.

Liverpool gave way after this, and Windridge centred finely for McRoberts to put Chelsea two points ahead. Chelsea were let in again, Moran, taking advantage of a temporary misunderstanding in the Liverpool back line, sending in the third point. Misfortune followed misfortune, and Windridge put Chelsea four on top.

It was a comfortable win for Chelsea. Result: Chelsea 4 goals, Liverpool nil.

Chelsea: Bill Foulke, Bob Mackie, Bob McEwan, George Key, Bobby McRoberts, Tommy Miller, Marty Moran, David Copeland, James Robertson, Jimmy Windridge, Jack Kirwan.
Liverpool: Ned Doig, Alf West, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, Robert Robinson, Arthur Goddard, George Shalders, Charles McGibbons, Sam Raybould, John Cox.
(Liverpool Daily Post: September 5, 1905)


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