Presentation of medals for the Liverpool players

September 5, 1905
The directors of the Liverpool Football Club last evening entertained the players and a number of shareholders to dinner at the Hotel St. George.

Mr. Edwin Berry, C.C., chairman of the club, presided, and there was numerous company present, including Messrs. John McKenna (vice chairman), John Asbury, William Coward Briggs, Arthur Parr, William Robert Williams, John James Ramsay, and Albert Worgan, and Tom Watson, secretary.

The Chairman, in proposing success to the Liverpool Football Club, deplored the misfortune that had attended their first engagement at Woolwich. He thought that the team which had brought the club so successfully through the fire of the Second Division into the First would yet serve well, and, despite their initial defeat, he had no misgivings as to the future (applause).

An interesting presentation then took place. Mr. Berry prefacing the ceremony by a few words to congratulations on the spirit of amity and goodwill which characterised the relationship of directors, shareholders, and players. The gifts took the form of handsome medals, given by Mr. John Fare to the team for entering the First Division, and similar tokens from the club in recognition of the same auspicious event.

Mr. Alex Raisbeck suitably responded on behalf of the team, and other toasts were honoured. Admirable musical programme enlivened the evening’s proceedings.
(Liverpool Daily Post: September 6, 1905)


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