An absurd suggestion

September 20, 1905
The suggested mutiny through the appearance of the new Birmingham football agency, which at present defies the Football Association, was extensively commented upon on Saturday by footballers and well-known authorities. It will be recollected that two busy gentlemen of the name of Tagg and Campbell declared that “the National Football Agency” was a legitimate business by which players and clubs benefited. The players paid 5s to be on their books for transfer, and if the agency were to gain a player a trial with a First Division of the League clubs then he would have to pay a guinea; and there were other smaller charges for smaller benefits.

The following letter of denial from James Cowan (Jimmy Cowan) is interesting: –
Dear Sir, – I notice that my name is included in the “prospective team” of the “football agency tour on the Continent.” I wish to contradict this, as I have given no sanction for my name to be used, and I have no intention whatever of going.

It is a silly scheme, and one has only to refer to the laws of the body that is so wondrously carefully governed to see how fruitless are the agents’ efforts. Agents used to be known in the football world, but after the rule laid down by the FA on the subject, it was clear clubs could not employ them. The idea of forming a rival organisation to the Football Association can be dismissed in one word – absurd.
(Liverpool Daily Post: September 20, 1905)

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