A look at the new players Bradley and Griffith

September 23, 1905
The directors of the Liverpool club have at least disclosed their hand, and two new players have been signed on. They are both men of ability, and if the further additions eventuate Liverpool will have not only a first team equal to any, but capable reserves in case of need.

The first of the two names is James Bradley, the Stoke half-back. He struck me last season as one of the most accomplished left halves playing, and if he only cottons to the rest of the team he should prove  just such a tower of strength as did William Goldie. Acting on the principle that a good big ‘un is better than a good little ‘un, the Liverpool executive has done well, for Bradley must stand 5ft. 10in., and weighs over 11 stone. His advent into the team will be waited with interest.

Harry Griffith, the full back signed on, is from Wednesbury. Woolwich Arsenal tried him, but for reasons best known to themselves they have let him slip. Many Midland clubs angled for him, and from the testimony of those who have seen him play, he was worth angling after. The signing of Bradley was rather a surprise, for most of those who thought themselves in the know believed that a player connected with Birmingham was the objective. All that is now wanted is a powerful inside forward, and then the future can be viewed with equanimity. Perhaps Scotland will supply the long-felt want.
(Joint Everton & Liverpool Programme: September 23, 1905)

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