Mr. Tagg’s English Ramblers

September 26, 1905
When Mr. Tagg, of the National Football Agency, said that he meant to take an English team to the Continent, the idea was laughed at, but Mr. Tagg, who takes himself very seriously, has been as good as his word, and last evening his team left Birmingham en route for Berlin. True, his many internationals did not turn up, but there was his team, and Mr. Tagg said that he had received a deposit which covered all expenses.

One match will be played at Prague and two at Berlin. The Crown Prince had promised to attend the Berlin match on Saturday. When reminded that there were not many internationals in the team, Mr. Campbell said, “No. We could not do with too many veterans.”

The English Ramblers is the proud title they will tour under, and the eleven is: – Goal, Brickett (London); backs, Cooper (Leicester) and Crump (Tottenham); halves. Kelly (Southport), Dunn (West Bromwich Albion), Bailey (Sheffield Wednesday); forwards, Charles Athersmith (Small Heath), Judge (Southport), Connor (Small Heath), Iliffe (Leicester), Morris (Tottenham).

“Have you obtained the sanction of the Football Association?” said our representative. “No,” Mr. Tagg replied, “but I have written for it.”
(Liverpool Daily Post: September 27, 1905)

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