Portrait of Mr. John Asbury (director)

Saturday, October 7 – 1905
Mr. John Asbury is one of the directors of the Liverpool Football Club. Some three years ago he accepted a position on the board, and when the affairs of the club were re-organised and placed on a public basis he was one of the four old directors who offered themselves for re-election. At the general meeting he was second on the poll – Mr. Edwin Berry, C.C., the chairman, alone receiving more votes.

Mr. Asbury’s experience goes right back to the very beginning of football in Liverpool. He can, indeed, claim to be one of the pioneers of the Association game in this district. He was a member of the old St. Domingo Club – one of the first of our properly constituted clubs – being on the committee in the days when committee men and playing members were synonymous. And he was present at the meeting when it was decided to enlarge the sphere of membership and call the club Everton F.C. For three years after the change of name he played, his position being first of all outside right and afterwards inside right, his winger being the present colleague, the Chairman of the Liverpool F.C. Although of slight physique, he was a tricky player of some reputation in those early days. He played in several Liverpool Cup ties, and was playing in the first semi-final when Everton were beaten by Bootle, who had introduced into their ranks a Scotchman for the occasion.

Now he follows the game with zest from the stand, and is fully conversant with the attributes of a player. In business he is a provision merchant, and is well-known on the Produce-Exchange.

The Liverpool Club are well served with directors, and one of the most useful is the subject of our sketch.
(Joint Everton & Liverpool Programme, 07-10-1905)

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