Inter League matches

English League v Irish League 4-0 (Inter League: October 14, 1905)

October 14, 1905
International: Inter League, at Hyde Road (Manchester).
English League – Irish League 4-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 13,000; gate receipts: £340.
Referee: Mr. R.T. Murray (Scottish League).
English League (2-3-5): Harry Maskrey (Derby County), John Glover (Birmingham), Herbert Burgess (Manchester City), Harry Makepeace (Everton), Percy Sands (Woolwich Arsenal), Billy Bradshaw (Blackburn Rovers), George Dorsett (Manchester City), Fred Rouse (Stoke), Harry Hampton (Aston Villa), Colin Veitch (Newcastle United), Bert Lipsham (Sheffield United).
Irish League (2-3-5): Donald Sloan (Distillery), John Darling (Linfield), Johnny McCourt (Glentoran), John Wright (Cliftonville), Bob Milne (Linfield), Joe Ledwidge (Shelbourne), John Blair (Cliftonville), Barney Donaghy (Derry Celtic), Val Harris (Shelbourne), Jimmy Murray (Distillery), Sam Young (Linfield).
The goals: 1-0 Veitch (44 min.), 2-0 Hampton (80 min.), 3-0 Veitch (85 min.), 4-0 Veitch (88 min.).

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