Portrait of Mr. Louis S. Cohen (shareholder)

Saturday, October 21 – 1905
Liverpool is fortunate in its public men, and especially so in regard to sport. Many of them are frequent visitors to our premier football grounds, and they take a delight in fostering the pastime so beloved of the working man – football. Amongst them is Mr. Louis S. Cohen, ex. Lord Mayor, and a member of the City Council for Breckfield Ward. He is one of the largest shareholders in the Liverpool F.C., and subscribes to numerous minor organisations. Unfortunately, pressure of business prevents him from putting in an appearance as often as he would like, but he does now and again run up for an hour to witness a particularly interesting game.

In his younger days he was an expert runner, and one of his most treasured possessions is a silver cup which he received for winning a 200 yards race from scratch. In other ways he does much to encourage healthy exercise, for he is an ardent advocate of open spaces and playing grounds. Quite recently he came forward and rescued the grounds of the Woolton Golf Club from the hands of the speculative builder. The lease of the club was up, and the ground was for sale. A large amount was asked for it – £24,000 – and there seemed no prospect of the money being obtained. Fortunately Mr. Cohen stepped in, formed a company, to which he subscribed £15,000, and the ground was secured to the Golf Club for ever at a rental that yields but a bare 3 per cent. on the investment.

I hear a whisper that Mr. Cohen intends to do something for football in the near future. What form it will take is not settled, but particulars will be given later. Naturally, Mr. Cohen takes an interest in the Volunteers, and one of his sons was an officer in the First Liverpool detachment that went to South Africa. When Lord Mayor, he did much for the troops going to South Africa, and, to encourage shooting, presented silver cups to the different Volunteer regiments of the city.
I understand that for the fifth time he is offering himself as a candidate for Breckfield Ward.
(Joint Everton & Liverpool Programme, 21-10-1905)

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