Football League meeting (November 6, 1905)

November 6, 1905
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held yesterday, Mr. John James Bentley presiding.

Bob Currie, on the Middlesbrough list at £100 applied for a free transfer. It was fixed at £10.

No action was taken to a similar application by Harry Parker, who was on the Lincoln City list at £50.

The action of Bristol City in reducing the transfer fee of James Hosie from £75 to £20 was confirmed, and that of Fred Beardsworth was, with the consent of Manchester United, reduced from £50 to £10.

Burslem Port Vale were fined a guinea for playing Vic Horrocks before registration. Clapton Orient were fined 10s for a late result.

The date of the match between Blackpool and Hull, which clashes with the English Cup ties, was left to be mutually arranged. The Leeds v. Burnley match abandoned on Saturday last was ordered to be replayed in full.

The following transfers were confirmed:
Frank Pearson, Manchester City to Chelsea;
Herbert Varney, Derby County to West Bromwich Albion;
William McWhinnie, Sheffield Wednesday to Hibernians;
Tommy McDermott, Everton to Chelsea;
William Jordan, West Bromwich Albion to Liverpool;
David Dougal, Dundee to Clapton Orient;
Fred Campbell, Queen’s Park to Burnley;
James Young, Port Glasgow to Manchester City;
Thomas McKenzie, Third Lanark to Sunderland;
Sam Ashworth, Everton to Burslem Port Vale;
Bernard Donaghey, Hibernians to Manchester United;
F.L. Poolton, Aston Villa to West Bromwich Albion;
Fred Bracey, Birmingham to Leicester Fosse;
W.M. Fullerton, Sunderland to Nottingham Forest;
Sam Dodd, Sheffield Wednesday to Stockport County;
Ernest Nixon, Stoke to Stockport County;
C. Griffiths, Glossop to Clapton Orient;
Tom Bradshaw, Preston North End to Leicester Fosse;
J. Adams, Clyde to Manchester City;
Jack Dewhurst, Blackburn Rovers to Bury;
Lol Cook, Blackpool to Preston North End;
Joe Frail, Middlesbrough to Stockport County;
James Goodwin, Stoke to Stockport County;
G.R. Devey, Birmingham to Aston Villa.
(Liverpool Daily Post: November 7, 1905)

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