Benefit for Sam Raybould

December 2, 1905
Aston Villa may prepare themselves for a hard at Liverpool to-day, for though they have occasionally won sensational victories at Anfield Road, this is not one of the grounds whereon Spencer and his colleagues as a rule shine.

The honour of being the head of the League carries with it heavy penalties, for every club gets itself in readiness for the leaders, and the Villa may look out for squalls. The match is set apart for the benefit of that sterling player, Sam Raybould, whose worthy service to the team with the Garibaldean shirts is to be recognised with such an attractive match.

It is to be hoped that the weather may be fine so that he may meet with a fitting reward. Alex Raisbeck, having recovered, will resume his place in the Liverpool team, otherwise the side will be the same as that which won such a glorious victory at Newcastle on Saturday last.
(Manchester Courier: December 2, 1905)

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