Liverpool’s great win over Aston Villa

December 4, 1905
This was the fixture of the afternoon, and it attracted nearly 25,000 people to Anfield. The match was set apart for the benefit of Sam Raybould, Liverpool’s inside left, who was fortunate in benefiting from the League tit-bits of the day.

Liverpool were at full strength for the first time since October, while the Villa lacked the services of Billy Brawn, Harry Hampton and Freddie Miles. Raisbeck beat Spencer in the choice of ends, and the Reds thus had a very slight advantage from a faint wind.

The home forwards at once showed up in good style, and their clever long passing baffled the Villa halves. After sixteen minutes, spent chiefly in attacks by Liverpool, Goddard sent in a fine centre, and Cox, dashing up, sent the ball into the net.

The game continued fast and exciting, and Hall had hard luck with a shot which went over the bar. Then Hewitt scored Liverpool’s second goal, from a centre Goddard. Robinson afterwards missed an easy chance, but towards the interval the Villa asserted themselves. They failed, however, to pierce the home defence, and Hardy only saved once from Spencer.

Half-time: – Liverpool, 2; Aston Villa, 0.

The Villa opened strongly in the second half, and Hardy was early called upon by their left wing. He saved cleverly, and a corner forced by the Villa was also got away. The home forwards then got going, and from a corner Raisbeck headed in, and the ball touched Spencer and entered the net.

After this, play ruled in favour of Liverpool, whose forwards were irresistible. No further success accrued, however, and after Dunlop had saved from Bache, Parry handled, and a penalty was given. Garraty took the kick, but Hardy saved. In clearing his charge, George was buried beneath a crowd of attackers, but emerged in safety, and nothing further was done.

Result: – Liverpool, 3; Villa, 0.

Liverpool: Sam Hardy, Alf West, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, Sam Raybould, John Cox.
Aston Villa: Billy George, Howard Spencer, Albert Evans, Joe Pearson, Alex Leake, Jack Windmill, George Garratt, Billy Garraty, Charlie Millington, Joe Bache, Albert Hall.

Referee: Mr. F.H. Dennis.
(Athletic News: December 4, 1905)


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