A grumble regarding the Press box

December 11, 1905
It is quite time the Liverpool directorate took steps to see that admittance to the Press box is confined only to those who have duties to perform. A week ago this enclosure was filled by a heterogeneous crowd, many of whom did not fail to show their appreciation of the play by vigorous applause, and shouting. This was altogether reprehensible, and ought never to have been permitted.

The remedial measures which have been decided upon are almost as difficult to understand as the original failings, and to rush from one extreme to the other, by refusing admittance to genuine Press men, who labouring under an idea of false security, have mislaid their ticket, and fail to produce it on demand, although absolutely well-known, is altogether ridiculous.

The whole matter is one of easy solution, for it only requires a certain amount of commonsense to deal effectively with the case, but the method adopted by the directors at the match last Saturday is one which causes nothing less than discontent.
(Athletic News: December 11, 1905)


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