Can Liverpool continue their streak?

December 16, 1905
Mr. J.T. Howcroft will govern the Bramall Lane match, and the Liverpool men should continue their long list of victories. Not since October 14, when they were last in Sheffield, have they yielded two points to any club, and since October 7 they have legitimacy put the ball into the net thirty times, as against ten. This scoring prowess speaks for itself. The attacking line only need to show the sharp shooting of previous encounters to be assured of the spoils of victory. If they successfully overcome United they are morally assumed of the foremost position by New Year’s Day.

Liverpool have chosen the usual side. The men will go to Southport on Tuesday for a fortnight. This is in view of the heavy Christmas programme. The reserve team versus Darwen includes an outside left named Roberts, who was some time ago an excellent lad with the Industrial School. A well-known old local player was refereeing in a school match, and saw much that was good in Roberts’s play. The lad subsequently joined the Army, and being home on furlough is to be given a trial on Saturday.
(Liverpool Daily Post: December 16, 1905)

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