Liverpool’s remarkable advance

December 18, 1905
When this month opened Liverpool, with a formidable programme, had hopes of climbing to the summit of the League’s good conduct chart. They have realised this ambition, and December has only run half its course.

Liverpool may well be on the heights considering that the team have only lost one point in their nine matches inclusive of and since October 21 – the isolated numeral being taken by Preston, at Anfield.

When we consider that Liverpool lost their first three matches of the season, and their centre-forward, Jack Parkinson, to boot, and that they were beaten four times in September, their advance has been extraordinary. If we blot out September, when the world was out of joint, their records reads: 9 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw, 32 goals for, and 11 goals against.

They have never been beaten since Sam Hardy made his debut, and they have never suffered a reverse when both Billy Dunlop and Alf West have been on duty. What an interesting novelty it would be if Liverpool were Champions of the Second Division one season and of the First Division the following year. More unlikely things have happened.
(Athletic News: December 18, 1905)


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