Liverpool fall at Stoke

December 27, 1905
For the first time since October 14, Liverpool’s colours were lowered, this happening at Stoke yesterday. Great interest was taken in the game, which attracted over 19,000 spectators. The game was exciting throughout, but Liverpool were sadly let down by their keeper, Sam Hardy, who allowed Tom Holford to score from a free-kick, and failed to stop an easy header from Jack Hall, so that at the interval the Potters had a lead of two goals.

After a little over half an hour of the second half had gone, Joe Hewitt beat Leigh Roose with a low shot. Liverpool tried desperately to draw level, but the Stoke defence was sound, the play of Charlie Burgess and Harry Benson being skillful indeed.

Alf West was good on the other side, but Maurice Parry, Sam Raybould, and Joe Hewitt were the “stars.” Raybould got the ball into the net, but he was offside, and the goal did not count. Stoke’s attack was good, the three inside men doing useful service.

Result: – Stoke, 2; Liverpool, 1.
(Athletic News: December 27, 1905)