The club to finally purchase Anfield

December 30, 1905
Liverpool are at home again, and, following on recent unexpected events both at Anfield and Goodison, they will oblige by firmly dealing with what must be termed worthy opponents from Woolwich Arsenal. The latter are as inconsistent as Joseph Chamberlain, and, as they crop up unexpectedly with a victory, the Reds must beware. After their strong showing against Villa on Wednesday the Gunners went to Blackpool. Bert Freeman, if well enough, will return to the team, vice Andy Ducat. The home team is the usual one, and, unless accidents happen, there will be no change when Stoke on Monday are received at Oakfield-road ground.

It is said that the directors have decided to purchase the Anfield ground, and that within a month the ground will be their property. Long have the supporters argued that the club should make this purchase, until now the directors have been unable to do so.

Rumours have been widely spread in Liverpool that Jack Parkinson was on the transfer list, that he wanted to leave his present masters, and so on. These are untrue. Parkinson and the club are on the best of terms, and neither wishes to part company with the other. The centre has now thoroughly recovered from his broken wrist, and to-day will appear with the Reserve team against Accrington Stanley at outside right.
(Liverpool Daily Post: December 30, 1905)

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