Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool 0-0 (League match: January 6, 1906)

January 6, 1906
Key note: “Great changes have taken place since the beginning of the season in the First Division of the League. Probably it will be remembered that the Rovers opened their campaign at Anfield Road, and before the Merseysiders had get properly into their swing pulled off a surprising victory on September 9. Whether this setback was the means of stirring up the Reds or not, there has been no mistaking their brilliant consistency ever after, and although the Ewood Park representatives had the advantage of ground this afternoon it was universally admitted that they would have their work cut out in the return encounter. Liverpool were yearning for revenge, and seeing that they triumphed on the occasion of their last visit by scoring three out of the five goals recorded, they had hopes of success. Nine times have they been to Ewood under the auspices of the League, winning twice, drawing twice, and losing the rest. The sudden turf detracted very much from the sport of the afternoon, and the play become quite commonplace. It was ragged and disjointed, and though the Rovers were more frequently on the aggressive. Liverpool were perhaps entitled to the point they gained.” (Cricket and Football Field: January 6, 1906)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Ewood Park, kick-off 14:30.
Blackburn Rovers – Liverpool 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 12,000.
Referee: Mr. Fred Kirkham.
Blackburn Rovers (2-3-5): Bob Evans, Bob Crompton, Arthur Cowell, Sam Wolstenholme, Jimmy Moir, Billy Bradshaw, Arnie Whittaker, Jimmy Robertson, Bill Davies, Adam Bowman, Miles Chadwick.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Alf West, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, John Carlin, John Cox.

Sam Hardy, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: November 13, 1905).

James Bradley, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: December 11, 1905).

Robert Robinson, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: December 25, 1905).

Joe Hewitt, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: October 9, 1905).

Jimmy Robertson, Blackburn Rovers F.C. (Athletic News: January 8, 1906).

Bill Davies, Blackburn Rovers F.C. (Athletic News: November 20, 1905).

Arthur Cowell, Blackburn Rovers F.C. (Athletic News: November 6, 1905).

Miles Chadwick, Blackburn Rovers F.C. (Athletic News: October 16, 1905).

Bob Evans, Blackburn Rovers F.C. (Athletic News: September 4, 1905).



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