Referees’ appointments for April

Tuesday, March 6 – 1906

04.04.1906 Newcastle United v Sheffield United Mr W. Gilgryst
07.04.1906 Bury v Bolton Wanderers Mr W Chadwick
07.04.1906 Derby County v Birmingham Mr A.E. Tarrant
07.04.1906 Everton v Wolverhampton Wanderers Mr A.G. Hines
07.04.1906 Manchester City v Woolwich Arsenal Mr R.T. Johnson
07.04.1906 Middlesbrough v Stoke Mr D. Hammond
07.04.1906 Nottingham Forest v Blackburn Rovers Mr F. Gardner
07.04.1906 Preston North End v Notts County Mr T Armitt
07.04.1906 Sheffield Wednesday v Sunderland Mr F. Kirkham
13.04.1906 Blackburn Rovers v Preston North End Mr N. Whittaker
13.04.1906 Liverpool v Everton Mr A. Green
13.04.1906 Bury v Newcastle United Mr J.B. Brodie
13.04.1906 Manchester City v Derby County Mr S.R. Carr
13.04.1906 Middlesbrough v Sunderland Mr F. Kirkham
13.04.1906 Woolwich Arsenal v Aston Villa Mr A.J. Barker
14.04.1906 Birmingham v Sheffield Wednesday Mr J.W. Bailey
14.04.1906 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester City Mr D.G. Ashworth
14.04.1906 Bolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough Mr A. Green
14.04.1906 Everton v Derby County Mr N. Whittaker
14.04.1906 Notts County v Newcastle United Mr A.J. Barker
14.04.1906 Sheffield United v Aston Villa Mr F.H. Dennis
14.04.1906 Stoke v Preston North End Mr J.B. Brodie
14.04.1906 Sunderland v Nottingham Forest Mr A.F. Sutcliffe
14.04.1906 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool Mr T. Armitt
14.04.1906 Woolwich Arsenal v Bury Mr J. Adams
16.04.1906 Aston Villa v Derby County Mr A. Hargreaves
16.04.1906 Birmingham v Bury Mr N. Whittaker
16.04.1906 Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool Mr T.P. Campbell
16.04.1906 Everton v Manchester City Mr A. Green
16.04.1906 Newcastle United v Woolwich Arsenal Mr J.T. Howcroft
16.04.1906 Nottingham Forest v Sheffield Wednesday Mr S.R. Carr
16.04.1906 Stoke v Sheffield United Mr R. Horrocks
16.04.1906 Sunderland v Preston North End Mr F. Heath
16.04.1906 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Notts County Mr F. Kirkham
17.04.1906 Middlesbrough v Manchester City Mr F. Heath
17.04.1906 Nottingham Forest v Derby County Mr J.T. Howcroft
21.04.1906 Aston Villa v Notts County Mr W. Gilgryst
21.04.1906 Bury v Blackburn Rovers Mr T. Robertson
21.04.1906 Liverpool v Sheffield United Mr J.T. Howcroft
21.04.1906 Manchester City v Sunderland Mr F. Heath
21.04.1906 Middlesbrough v Woolwich Arsenal Mr A.G. Hines
21.04.1906 Newcastle United v Stoke Mr A. Hargreaves
21.04.1906 Nottingham Forest v Birmingham Mr S.R. Carr
21.04.1906 Preston North End v Bolton Wanderers Mr F. Kirkham
21.04.1906 Sheffield Wednesday v Everton Mr A. Green
21.04.1906 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County Mr F. Gardner
25.04.1906 Newcastle United v Blackburn Rovers Mr J.T. Ibbotson
28.04.1906 Birmingham v Manchester City Mr H. Ward
28.04.1906 Blackburn Rovers v Middlesbrough Mr T. Armitt
28.04.1906 Bolton Wanderers v Newcastle United Mr J.W. Bailey
28.04.1906 Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday Mr N. Whittaker
28.04.1906 Everton v Nottingham Forest Mr A.J. Barker
28.04.1906 Notts County v Liverpool Mr A.F. Sutcliffe
28.04.1906 Sheffield United v Wolverhampton Wanderers Mr D.G. Ashworth
28.04.1906 Sunderland v Bury Mr A. Hargreaves

(Nottingham Evening Post, 06-03-1906)

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