Liverpool Reserves v Everton Reserves 4-2 (League match: March 31, 1906)

March, 31, 1906
Match: Lancashire Combination, at Anfield.
Liverpool Reserves – Everton Reserves 4-2 (2-0).
Attendance: 15,000.
Liverpool (2-3-5):  Ned Doig; Harry Griffiths, Charlie Wilson; Sam Hignett, George Latham, James Hughes; Ellis Dudley, James Gorman, Robert Blanthorne, John Graham, James Garside.
Everton (2-3-5): Collins; Strettle, Hannon; Black, Chadwick, Donaldson; Birnie, McLoughlin, Wright, Cook, Butler.
The goals: 1-0 Graham, 2-0 Garside, 3-0 Hughes (pen), 3-1 Wright, 3-2 Birnie, 4-2 Gorman.

While their seniors were at Birmingham deciding the question as to which club should enter the final stages of the English Cup competition, the Reserves of Everton and Liverpool met at Anfield in their return engagement.

The conditions were all that could be desired, and a grand and interesting game was witnessed. Liverpool were the better side, however, and deserved their 4-2 victory, which enabled them to finish, “ all square” with their opponents on the season, Everton having won the initial game by seven goals to two.

Both teams were well represented, and Everton gave another trial to Wright at centre forward. During the first half Liverpool had the wind in their favour, and so well did they play that they put on a couple of goals through Graham and Garside, the latter’s point being the outcome of a splendid effort. Everton had few chances, and were unable to get through.

In the second half play was more evenly contested. Hannan failed to beat Doig from a penalty kick, but when Liverpool were awarded a similar concession, Hughes made no mistake. However, Wright managed to open the scoring for the Blues, and Birnie improved the outlook for his side by adding a second goal. It looked as though Everton might manage to draw level, but Gorman settled the matter by beating Collins again, and Liverpool won as stated.

The home side well deserved their victory, which would have been move pronounced but for the fine goalkeeping of Collins. Hannan did good work at back for the losers, who had a fine half-back in Black, Birnie and Cook, and Butler were the better of the visitors forwards who, however, did not combined so well as did the Reds. Indeed, Graham, Dudley, and Garside showed very clever form for the winners, but Blanthorne, the goal-scoring centre, was too well watched to become dangerous. Doig showed that he can still keep goal cleverly, and Griffiths at back and Latham at half were conspicuous all through by reason of their fine play. Fifteen thousand spectators attended the match.
(Liverpool Courier, 02-04-1906)

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