Liverpool v Sheffield United 3-1 (League match: April 21, 1906)

April 21, 1906
Key note: “Unfortunately for Liverpool, they were unable to place their best team in the field in the last League game of the season at Anfield, and although they won readily enough, thus making their position at the head of affairs thoroughly clear of all other rivals, it was a source of disappointment to the crowd to find Alex Raisbeck, Billy Dunlop, Sam Raybould and John Cox unable to take their customary posts. John Carlin was likewise an absentee, and the Anfielders had therefore to draw largely from their reserve forces. As regards the quality of the football witnessed, it was typical of the end of the campaign, and after Liverpool had made the issue practically safe by a couple of cleverly-gained goals, they did not unduly trouble themselves further. (Athletic News: April 21, 1906)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:30.
Liverpool – Sheffield United 3-1 (2-0).
Attendance: 10,000.
Referee: Mr. J.T. Howcroft; linesmen: Messrs. J.R. Broughton and A. Pellowe.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy, Alf West, Tom Chorlton, Maurice Parry (C), George Latham, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Jack Parkinson, Joe Hewitt, Robert Robinson, James Gorman.
Sheffield United (2-3-5): Joe Leivesley, James McCormick, Charles Johnson, Billy Wilkinson, Bernard Wilkinson, Billy Parker, Johnny Lang, Arthur Brown, Alonzo Drake, Edgar Bluff, Bert Lipsham.
The goals: 1-0 Parkinson (assist: Hewitt), 2-0 Parkinson (40 min., assist: Robinson), 3-0 Robinson (50 min., assist: Goddard), 3-1 Drake.

Match reports:
* Athletic News: “League champions’ last win”;
* Sheffield Daily Telegraph: “The champions’ wind up”;

Sam Hardy, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: November 13, 1905).

George Latham, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: September 25, 1905).

James Bradley, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: December 11, 1905).

Robert Robinson, Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News: December 25, 1905).

Alonzo Drake, Sheffield United F.C. (Athletic News: September 4, 1905).


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