A glimpse of the Cup

April 23, 1906
A considerable crowd awaited the arrival of the Everton football team in Sheffield this afternoon to do honour to the Cup winners on their calling at Sheffield for their League match with Sheffield Wednesday at Owlerton. The team except William Scott, the goalkeeper, who had returned direct to Liverpool from London on Saturday, left Marylebone at ten o’clock this morning, and their train reached Sheffield (Victoria) at 1.40 p.m.

Travelling with the players were Mr. Kelly, Mr. Wright, Dr William Whitford and Mr. Edward Askew Bainbridge, four of the directors of the Everton Football Club. A small number of persons gained admission to the station platform, and on the train drawing up surrounded the saloon carriage in which the Cup winners had journeyed.

The first out of the carriage was Jack Taylor, the captain of the team, holding the beribboned cup aloft, a spectacle which was greeted with a hearty cheer. Accompanied by the remaining members of the team and the officials, the Cup-bearer made his way out of the station and across to the Royal Victoria Hotel, the sight of the famous trophy evoking the cheers of the crowd outside, who made a rush towards the side entrance to the hotel. The players and their trophy, however, escaped quickly into their appointed “harbour of refuge,” the billiard room of the hotel, and the crowd quietly dispersed.

Prior to the commencement of the match at Owlerton, the members of the Everton team were able to take an hour’s rest at the hotel before leaving for the ground.

The Evertonians leave for Liverpool from Wadsley Bridge station at 6.5, dining on the way.
(Source: Sheffield Evening Telegraph: April 23, 1906)


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