More honours for the Anfielders

April 28, 1906
The annual trial of strength between the forces of amateurism and professionalism in the football world took place at Craven Cottage this afternoon for the Sheriff of London Charity Shield.

The Corinthians have only suffered defeat on one occasions this season, when they were beaten by Tottenham Hotspur.

The weather was beautifully fine, and the turf benefited by the early morning rain. Fully 20,000 people witnessed the start. Liverpool won the toss and G.S. Harris started the game for the amateurs, who promptly assumed the aggressive, and in the first half minute, Day making a fine grass from G.S. Harris, and tested Hardy with a low hard shot, which the Liverpool custodian saved at expense of a corner.

The Corinthians maintained the upper hand, and Timmis, after robbing Parkinson, set his forwards going. A combined movement by the whole of the Corinthians’ front rank followed, and ended in G.S. Harris putting in a shot, which Hardy was very fortunate in saving.

Liverpool subsequently took up the attack, and Rowlandson had to save from Raybould at the expense of a corner. This was well taken and Rowlandson had again to fist out when surrounded by a crowd of players. A minute later he just cleared a shot from Hewitt, and then Raisbeck, when well placed, put the ball high over the bar.

G.S. Harris was very prominent amongst the Corinthians with some fine dribbling, but he was badly supported by the inside men. On one occasion he passed to Gilbert Claude Vassall, who was in a very favourable position, but failed to take the pass cleanly, and was easily robbed by Dunlop.

The game was very stubbornly contested and very fast. Vassall got away and brought Hardy to his knees with a fine shot. The Corinthians were playing a fine game, and time after time the forwards got through only to be beaten by the sterling defence of the Liverpool backs.

At length Liverpool got going, and for a sharp run down Hewitt took possession, and easily beating Rowlandson, put his side one up.

Following this success Liverpool played with irresistible style, and within the next three minutes Raybould cleverly headed the ball into the net. This second reverse put the amateurs on their mettle, and they made repeated though in effectual attempts to break down the opposing defence.

The wind, which was in Liverpool’s favour, now blew very strongly, and enabled them to keep up a strong pressure. Rowlandson, in checking a rush, was injured, but nothing further was scored.

Half-time score: Liverpool, 2 goals; Corinthians, nil.

On resuming, Liverpool easily maintained their superiority, Rowlandson having to save some half dozen shots in the first ten minutes. Parkinson put through for Liverpool, but the whistle was blown for offside. A scrimmage took place in front of the amateurs’ goal. Rowlandson came out to save from Parkinson, and before he could recover himself Hewitt had scored another goal with a hard ground shot.

The Corinthians now made desperate efforts to reduce their opponents’ lead. Vassall got well away on the wing, but his pass to the centre was not accepted. Just afterwards the same player made a fine individual run, and sent the ball just outside the uprights. Wright, when close in, had only the goalkeeper to beat, but mis-kicked badly.

Liverpool again took up the attack, and Hewitt, receiving a fine pass from Parkinson, scored the fourth goal. Corinthians backs were very severely pressed, and Hunt, in attempting to clear, put through his own goal, making Liverpool 5 up.

Full time: Liverpool, 5 goals; Corinthians, 1 goal.
(Source: Liverpool Football Echo: April 28, 1906)


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