Liverpool F.C.’s new ground

April 30, 1906
By the time these words are in print a commencement will have been made with the alterations on the Liverpool club’s enclosure. The plans were decided upon and arrangements made for an early start in the process of reconstruction last week and though full particulars are not yet definitely available some idea may be formed of the intentions of the directors.

The stand will be moved towards the low shilling stand, which will be taken away, and the playing pitch, after being re-drained and re-surfed, will thus be several yards nearer the Stanley Park end of the ground. A huge concrete wall will be built along the Walton Breck Road boundary, in which allowance will be made for twenty turnstiles, for purposes of entrance.

Huge embankments will be constructed around the playing patch, and though the stand accommodation will not be continued all round the ground by next season, it is the intention of the directors to accomplish this twelve months later. All the latest improvements in stand construction, etc., will be adopted including the apportioning of a fixed space for each individual. Whose place will thus never run the risk of being occupied by an outsider.
(Source: Athletic News: April 30, 1906)


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