Liverpool win the Liverpool Cup

May 1, 1906
The football season came to a close yesterday and the “swan song” so far as the game is concerned locally took place last evening at Goodison Park, when Everton and Liverpool met to fight for the Liverpool Cup.

In spite of wet and stormy weather a crowd of fully 18,000 spectators assembled to witness the grand final of the great winter pastime. The Lord Mayor was present, and at the close of the game, a game which terminated in a handsome win for Liverpool – the chief Magistrate presented the Cup to Raisbeck, and handed over to the players medals of the occasion.

The Lord Mayor paid a warm tribute to the skill of the players, and a great gathering of sport loving spectators loudly cheered his observations.

Everton: William Scott, William Balmer, Jack Crelly, Thomas Chadwick, Bob Taylor, Walter Abbott, Joe Donnachie, Hugh Bolton, Sandy Young, Jimmy Settle, Butler.
Liverpool: Sam Hardy, Alf West, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck (C), James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Jack Parkinson, Joe Hewitt, James Gorman, John Carlin.

Raisbeck won the toss, and Everton started against the wind. They at once ran across and Bolton put in a hot shot, which caused Hardy to handle. Good half-back play put the Anfielders in possession, and it was more by good luck than good management that Balmer cleared his lines.

The Everton forwards showed some magnificent footwork, and a movement in which the whole five were concerned termination in Donnachie shooting wide. For some time the home side monopolised the attack, but the siege was raised when Chadwick from long range, put the leather outside.

took up the attack, and the Evertonians were forced back upon their defence. Carlin put in a grand centre and Goddard, at the second attempt tested Scott with a very warm handful. The Irish-man threw clear, but the Liverpool forwards returned again, and a corner was forced off Balmer, but it was eventually cleared.

End to end play followed without either side gaining any material advantage. The game indeed was rather an exhibition of high class football than a been struggle, and though on, one occasion Raisbeck was desperately series in trying to score with a low raking shot, the ball was intercepted by Crelly. At this particular period the visitors were decidedly having the best of the argument, and shots from Gorman and Parkinson, both gave Scott an anxious moment.

For quite a long time after the Evertonians were kept strictly on the defensive, but the shooting of the Reds was woefully lacking in accuracy. At length Everton got down on the left, but Butler shot yards wide of the mark, and for a second after Bolton allowed West to dispossess him, just as he was about to shoot. The Everton forwards were now making their presence know and Settle had a clear field in front of him, but shot straight at the Hardy.

A another break away on the part of Young came to nothing, and it was not long before the visitors were again pressing. This time their movement were crowned with success for, the leather being taken along the left wing, the ball was centred well, and Gorman, after Hewitt had just missed the pass, dashed up and netted it out of Scott’s reach. This goal came after the half an hour’s play, and it naturally had the effect of renewed life into the game.

Everton at once made advances towards Hardy, but Dunlop checked, and Carlin racing down shot just outside. Returning to the attack the Anfielders gave the home defence a lot of trouble, and Parkinson work tireless shot strongly. The ball rebounding of Scott, but before it could be cleared Hewitt nipped in and scored a second goal for Liverpool.

The ground at this period was enveloped in mist and the light was anything but good. Still the game was continued at a fast and exciting pace, and towards the interval the home team made desperate efforts to pull up the leeway. In that, however, they were unsuccessful while Liverpool, on the other hand nearly added a third through the instrumentality of Goddard.

Half-time Everton nil, Liverpool 2.

On crossing over the contest was renewed with instrumented ardour, and both sides attacked strongly in turn. Raisbeck once tried a long put shot, which sent over the bar, and at the other end Young nipping cleverly between the backs had a shot sent wide. A magnificent centre by Goddard caused Scott to fist out and immediately followed the Irish international was absolutely bombarded by the Liverpool forwards. Two corners were forced in succession and relief only came with Dunlop, with a high punt, put the ball outside.

Subsequently Everton asserted themselves, and first Taylor and then Young put in hot shots but both were cleared. On another occasion West and Young had an interesting passage at arms, in which the Evertonian rather more than held his own and he was prevented from scoring thanks to the converging tactics of Dunlop. The concluding stages of the game were fought out in darkness and it was extremely difficult to follow the play.

Final Everton nil, Liverpool 2.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: May 1, 1906)


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