Liverpool F.C. extension (letter to the editor)

May 17, 1906
Letter to the editor of the Post and Mercury.

“Sir, now that the proposed extension of the ground of the Liverpool Football Club is making rapid progress may I solicit the favour of your influential columns as an old resident in Anfield Road to draw attention of the city authorities to the fact that in the portion of Anfield Road adjoining the ground there is practically no footpath provided for pedestrians?

“In view of the heavy traffic which is occasioned by the club, and which traffic, I presume, will in future be greatly increased, it is, I think, hardly credible that the authorities will allow the road to remain in its present narrow and dangerous condition.

“Surely the club, like the builders at either end, is liable to provide a suitably paved footway of sufficient width. If not, then, in justice to the long suffering patience of the residents of the road, it is time that the town should do so. Yours, &c.,
May 17, 1906 / RESIDENT.”
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: May 21, 1906)

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