Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1905-06

June 2, 1906
The first balance sheet of the Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Ground Company, Limited, was issued on Saturday. Notice is given that the annual general meeting of the company will be held in the Carlton Hall, Eberle Street, next Monday, at 8 pm.

The retiring directors are seeking re-election. They are Messrs. William Coward Briggs, Arthur Parr, and Albert Worgan. A dividend of 5 per cent. on the paid up capital is recommended.

The company’s accounts show that the League winners have had an excellent season from a financial standpoint, and as they ran into the semi-final of the FA Cup and won the League outright the season all round was an historic one, and the management are to be congratulated on the success of their issue.

As this is the first issue of the new company, it will doubtless of great interest to local enthusiasts to compare the main items of the Liverpool and Everton finances. Liverpool paid over £1,000 less in wages than their rival, and about £300 less in travelling expenses; and the profits were: Everton, £3,718 15s 7d; Liverpool, £3,326 13s 4.

As regards income, Liverpool received as gate receipts £12,486, proceeds of matches played away £930 17s 5d, and season tickets £170 12s 9. Everton’s figures for these items were £13,074, £2,401 9s 6d, and £424.

Balance sheet 19051906 I

Balance sheet 19051906 II

Balance sheet 19051906 III

Balance sheet 19051906 IVBalance sheet 19051906 v

(Liverpool Daily Post: June 4, 1906; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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