Fine economic numbers for Liverpool F.C.

June 4, 1906
The annual report of the Liverpool Club, which, is to be presented to the meeting on the 11th inst., shows a profit on the year’s working of £3,366 11s. 4d. Among the items of expenditure are £4,440 paid in wages to players, £2,022 7s. 8d. paid in gate divisions to visitors and benefit matches, £847 16s. 5d. in traveling expenses, and £560 in training expenses. The total expenditure amounted to £10,433 5s. 9d. The income was £13,759 19s. 1d., including £12,486 3s. 7d. in gate receipts, £930 17s. 9d. as proceeds of matches played away, and £170 12s. 9d. for season tickets.
(Manchester Courier: June 4, 1906)

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