Football clubs and their players

June 8, 1906
The F.A. Emergency Committee have considered the cases of George Chapman (Blackburn Rovers), Sandy Turnbull (Manchester United), Harry Brown (Fulham), Jack Lyall (The Wednesday), and Tom Chorlton (Liverpool), who were offered the maximum wage by their respective clubs but refused to sign on, and are not satisfied that there are special grounds for allowing the players to change their clubs.

With regard to Archie Kyle (Blackburn Rovers), the Committee gave permission for the player to change his club, while in the case of Charles Arthurs, whom New Brompton wished to retain, it was decided that he was free to sign for another club, as the Committee were satisfied that he was not offered the maximum wage before May 1.

No action is to be taken in the matter of the claim made by Walter Rogers against the Reading F.C., the player having voluntarily put himself out of the jurisdiction of the Association. This claim was, it will be remembered, made by the Players’ Union against the Reading Club in the County Court, the Court’s decision being in favour of the club.
(Sporting Life: June 8, 1906)


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